Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wish I could be there (AGAIN)

Barcelona city's icon, Sagrada Familia

Here are some places that i was visited last year. I went there to join in Cultural Mission called FESTIVALS DU SUD on Summer 2011 with Komunitas Tari FISIP Universitas Indonesia (KTF UI): Radha Sarisha. This festival held in France and Spain, but there's one day we performed in Portugal. It's such fabulous, marvelous, and incredible experiences that i ever had. I met many friends from around the world. Mexico, Brazil, Zimbabwae, Taiwan, Russia, Spain, France, Turkey, and many more countries that participate in this festival. We shared our cultures, especially traditional dances and musics. It's so interesting to learn about them. Thanks Lord, thanks for everything.

Saman Dance from Aceh

Komunitas Tari FISIP Universitas Indonesia (KTF UI): Radha Sarisha with Michele (Frenchman)

CAMPNOU. Aaaakk Barcelonita :)

I miss all of those moments. Wish i could be there (AGAIN) with my precious friends. KTF UI RADHA SARISHA, I love you a lot <3 <3